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A Deeper Healing Unfolds



We are so sorry that we have not blogged recently.  Having our 9th grade daughter play on two volleyball teams has kept us away from home more than we had imagined.  She gets to play varsity for the Santa Fe Prep Griffins in both the district and state tournaments that unfold over the next few weeks so we are thrilled for her.

The really exciting news is that Chris is healthy enough to be at her games on top of an already full-time work schedule. In fact Chris is sticking so religiously to his new diet (mostly vegan with no alcohol or caffeine) and his naturopathic supplemental regimen, that he feels and looks better than he has for years. He rises at 5:30 each morning which causes me to wonder if he is, indeed, the man I married, and keeps taking the cancer formula despite it making him quite nauseous on a daily basis. His PSA remains much lower and he is now able to be off all blood pressure and cholesterol lowering medications.

Since I have a birthday this month (November 12th) I’ve decided to join him in the new routine (hey at first I needed my comfort food) and am now on a 21 day Vegan Cleanse (see Optimum Wellness Cleanse by Kathy Freston). I am happy to report I feel lighter, clearer, and more in touch with myself. I have eliminated all sugar, gluten, animal products, alcohol, and caffeine. I realized my morning cup of coffee had turned into 4-6 cups over the course of the day and it was not helping my stress load.

As we enter this season of Thanksgiving who would like to join us in our quest for health? Would love to hear back from you. And yes, we will do our best to blog more frequently.

This image “Vessel” poured out one morning and reflects our intention to create more of a intentional container for our process – to hold ourselves more consciously through our tears, fears, and joys. It reminds me of an ancient alchemical vessel where lead is turned to gold, darkness to light.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.
In love and gratitude,
Carrie and Chris

Chris and Tez go back to school

School started for Chris and Teslin today.  We just spent a small fortune on new clothes for Chris because his old pants fell off his body from his dramatic weight loss of 25 pounds over the summer.  He is stocked with his supplements and all of his healthy, unprocessed foods to keep on his healing path.  We are so glad we have taken this longer and at times harder journey of healing his body naturally.  Many stories have come in to us about men who got prostate surgery that have permanent side effects that seriously compromise the quality of life.  We are still hopeful we can avoid surgery, and so far the results look good.  His spirits are great and we feel blessed and supported by all of the prayers and well wishes that have come our way.  Perhaps the biggest blessing that has come through this crisis is that the three of us had a lot of time together this summer, living more simply, spending less money, and eating more healthily.  We feel our lives are forever changed due to Chris’ cancer. I mean, what else could have gotten our fourteen year old interested in reducing sugar and eating sprouted wheat bread?  Please keep the prayers coming.  We’ll keep posting as we get more information.  He’ll get another PSA in a month.  


Carrie and Chris

Health Update – August 11, 2014

Thank you for all the well wishes and prayers that have come our way over the past month.  It’s been quite the summer.  Chris continues to follow a strict regimen of cancer treatments, supplements, and a diet of whole foods and no processed food.  Early after his diagnosis of aggressive prostate cancer (not the usual slow growing version we hear about so often), and as we were exploring sending him to Johns Hopkins for robotic prostate surgery, he began working with a naturopath and acupuncturist to support his healing.  We were delighted when, after just a month of treatment his PSA, which had been increasing quickly, dropped from 12.9 to 7.3.  This early success gave us good cause to continue with the treatments we were using (well respected and documented in Germany and the Orient).  Soon after he had what is known as a “healing crisis,” lost 25 pounds, and experienced a deep cleanse when his body rid itself of stored toxins.  Recently he had another PSA test and the level remains the same, 7.3.  This is not significant enough to claim him healed, alas he has a long way to go, but the fact that the acceleration of the PSA has halted is good news indeed.   We have not ruled out surgery as he continues to follow the strict regimen, but we are intent on getting to the root cause of why his body became cancerous.  At this point it is agreed that he will get a new PSA level every 4-6 weeks so we can keep track of his progress.  Plans are underway for a concert and art show in the early fall.  Stay tuned for details.  As we have shared, staying creative during this time has been essential to our spirits.  Thank you again for all of your love and support.  We have been buoyed by shared stories of healing both by traditional and holistic means.  (When we say holistic, to us that can include surgery if necessary).  Blessings to all of you. Chris and Carrie Ishee

August 11, 2014