A Deeper Healing Unfolds



We are so sorry that we have not blogged recently.  Having our 9th grade daughter play on two volleyball teams has kept us away from home more than we had imagined.  She gets to play varsity for the Santa Fe Prep Griffins in both the district and state tournaments that unfold over the next few weeks so we are thrilled for her.

The really exciting news is that Chris is healthy enough to be at her games on top of an already full-time work schedule. In fact Chris is sticking so religiously to his new diet (mostly vegan with no alcohol or caffeine) and his naturopathic supplemental regimen, that he feels and looks better than he has for years. He rises at 5:30 each morning which causes me to wonder if he is, indeed, the man I married, and keeps taking the cancer formula despite it making him quite nauseous on a daily basis. His PSA remains much lower and he is now able to be off all blood pressure and cholesterol lowering medications.

Since I have a birthday this month (November 12th) I’ve decided to join him in the new routine (hey at first I needed my comfort food) and am now on a 21 day Vegan Cleanse (see Optimum Wellness Cleanse by Kathy Freston). I am happy to report I feel lighter, clearer, and more in touch with myself. I have eliminated all sugar, gluten, animal products, alcohol, and caffeine. I realized my morning cup of coffee had turned into 4-6 cups over the course of the day and it was not helping my stress load.

As we enter this season of Thanksgiving who would like to join us in our quest for health? Would love to hear back from you. And yes, we will do our best to blog more frequently.

This image “Vessel” poured out one morning and reflects our intention to create more of a intentional container for our process – to hold ourselves more consciously through our tears, fears, and joys. It reminds me of an ancient alchemical vessel where lead is turned to gold, darkness to light.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.
In love and gratitude,
Carrie and Chris

3 thoughts on “A Deeper Healing Unfolds

  1. Lori

    Hi Care, Have been thinking about you so much, and was worried when there were no recent posts. Happy to hear the news about Chris. As always, you are all in my thoughts and prayers, always.


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