Chris and Tez go back to school

School started for Chris and Teslin today.  We just spent a small fortune on new clothes for Chris because his old pants fell off his body from his dramatic weight loss of 25 pounds over the summer.  He is stocked with his supplements and all of his healthy, unprocessed foods to keep on his healing path.  We are so glad we have taken this longer and at times harder journey of healing his body naturally.  Many stories have come in to us about men who got prostate surgery that have permanent side effects that seriously compromise the quality of life.  We are still hopeful we can avoid surgery, and so far the results look good.  His spirits are great and we feel blessed and supported by all of the prayers and well wishes that have come our way.  Perhaps the biggest blessing that has come through this crisis is that the three of us had a lot of time together this summer, living more simply, spending less money, and eating more healthily.  We feel our lives are forever changed due to Chris’ cancer. I mean, what else could have gotten our fourteen year old interested in reducing sugar and eating sprouted wheat bread?  Please keep the prayers coming.  We’ll keep posting as we get more information.  He’ll get another PSA in a month.  


Carrie and Chris

4 thoughts on “Chris and Tez go back to school

  1. David Langer

    This is all so great, Carrie. We’re so happy for you guys. We’re doing okay over here. Kind of steady as she goes, y’know! Saw Tony Bennett at the Opera House last night. Still hitting almost all the high notes … and holding them! … at 88. What an inspiration! We love you guys! David & Adonnah

  2. Lori

    Carrie, great to hear that Chris went back to school. Part of healing is feeling well enough to go back to some degree of normal life despite the challenges. Hope you are also taking care of yourself as well. All caregivers need to make sure this isn’t overlooked. Love to all of you!



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