Chris’ Journey-healing from cancer

July 20, 2014

Without going into the gory details, here’s a bit of what this is all about:

In May 2014 I was diagnosed with a fairly aggressive prostate cancer.

Several different paths to healing were presented. This website was created in order to create support for the holistic path I have chosen.

I am a firm believer that the root cause of this disease lies not only in the physical realm, but in the mental and spiritual as well. The purpose of this site is to release some of the creative energy that has been blocked for me for many years. I am a creative musician, an improviser at heart. I hope you enjoy this music if you have not heard it before. If you have, I appreciate your support around my healing choices.

There will be much more to come!


July 26, 2014

OK here we go! After many hours of preparing we are launching the site today. How gratifying and very important in the healing process to get this up and running. Played a great gig @ El Meson on Thursday w/Justin Bransford which helped a lot too.

I am feeling hopeful about making a full recovery and will be going in for more testing next week.

As for now, please enjoy the site and I am looking forward to putting up new tunes and videos soon!

July 28, 2014

Very gratifying  launch the other day. Excited by the quick response from lots of friends and family-please don’t hesitate to share. am energized to get to work on more creative processes. I will be writing a longer page today articulating my healing process. Thanks everybody!

2 thoughts on “Medicine

  1. Blair

    This is SO inspiring – and I honor how powerful it is to create our ability to bring balance on this delightfully intense and challenging journey! Thank you so much for sharing… as heals and reminds us all of such innate wisdom. Chris and Carrie – You Rock!!!

  2. Dana

    After all you have gone through, then WE get this gift? Thank you. Truly amazing Chris and Carrie. Thank you so much for sharing your journey and your work too. (Since I am sure insurance does not help with “alternative” medicine, we can help….community insurance) Best to you all:)


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