A Summer of Healing

We are a creative couple who live in Santa Fe, NM with our  wonderful 14 year old daughter, two minature weiner dogs, and an extroverted chinchilla.  By profession, Chris is a pianist and music educator while Carrie is a licensed therapist, art therapist, and life coach.

This summer we find ourselves on a quest to heal Chris of a recently diagnosed aggressive form of cancer. Carrie is coping by doing “a doodle a day, ” quickly executed intuitive drawings that express and release powerful emotions that arise each day. Chris spends his days recovering from his cancer treatments and an ambitious cleanse that is ridding his body of stored toxins. Eventually he will get back to playing the piano and composing music which will be shared on this website.

People have asked how they might help us during this time of uncertainty.  Please feel free to purchase Chris’ music and Carrie’s daily doodles from this site or make a donation in exchange for piano lessons (from Chris) or life coaching (from Carrie) to support Chris in his creative and healing efforts.  We are grateful for any supportive energy that comes our way, including those powerful prayers! At the end of the summer we plan to have a concert and art show to showcase the work we do as Chris heals. We want to transform this crisis into an opportunity to create and connect as we heal ourselves at the deepest levels.

We will blog regularly about what we are learning on our quest, and share insights, reflections, recipes, and treatments as we go.

Many Blessings,  Carrie and Chris Ishee

June 2014



4 thoughts on “A Summer of Healing

  1. Sarah and Mike Sapeta

    Chris and Carrie, you are both such an inspiration to others who may be going through healing. We send all our love to your family!

  2. Sandy Szabat

    What a beautifully creative way to move through the healing. Your combined talent is just so amazing – this site is like a celebration of life! Looking forward to making some purchases to support Chris’ health plan. Loving balms from The Szabats

  3. Josh Rosenblum

    Chris, I have been thinking about you all summer and sending positive healing vibes your way. Also have taken the opportunity to pull out your Saguaro City CD again. So much fantastic music on that disc, and it stands up really well to repeated listenings. I’m eager to hear the next one. Wishing you and your whole family love, creativity, good health, and happiness. Your friend always–Josh


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