We would like to thank:

Maria Gabrielle, ND – our naturopathic physician guiding us on this journey of healing

Blair Gray, DOM – my dear friend and acupuncturist extraordinaire who came and did a house call when Chris was really sick.

Rebecca Farr – our good friend who helped us create this website.  Thanks for the laughs and the focus on getting this done!

Jeri B and Ana – my dear friends and spiritual healers who performed ceremony and emotional clearings on Chris early after the diagnosis

David and Adonnah Langer – our dear friends and the best neighbors we could ask for.  David has been struggling with his own serious health issues this summer, but both of these lovely people still reached out to support us and embrace our daughter.

Eric Doney and Greg LaMastro – great friends/musicians who have deeply encouraged us in the holistic healing of prostate cancer.

Our families, especially Carrie’s brother Tim and his wife Lyn, who took our daughter for 8 days to infuse some fun into her life while Chris healed and Carrie studied.

Santa Fe Preparatory  School

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